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Holidays to the Maldives – country of coral reefs


The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, south-west of Sri Lanka. The climate can be described in two words – a tropical paradise. With all the ensuing consequences: white sandy beaches, riot of greenery, always warm and clear water. Coral reefs are the most important attraction of the Maldives. This is a separate world with its own laws and inhabitants, which can be observed indefinitely.


Here, every hotel is a separate island, and feeding sharks and crab runs are as common as going to the movies. Mere exotics and a break in the template as far as the eye can see. The Maldives is the only underwater state in the world! Only 1% of its territory is land. It is very unlikely that there is a traveler who visited all 1192 isles, only a fifth of which is inhabited. With a yacht this mission is quite feasible!


The charter of a yacht in the Maldives will allow absolutely free movement between islands. In the capital city of Male, you can stay a little longer. It sounds loud, but in reality it is the most compact capital of the world. Its small noisy streets can be bypassed in a couple of days. But here there are souvenirs from all the islands, authentic cuisine and color, devoid of gloss.


Against the background of the small islands of the archipelago, the island of Hithadu looks like a real Gulliver. There is even a highway – a rarity for the Maldives. But the main attraction is a large lake. Maldives in winter become a haven for hundreds of species of birds, which fly exactly to the pond Hitadu. In November, the most optimal vacation season for tourists starts – dry weather, bright sun and maximum entertainment. Ideal conditions to celebrate New Year and Christmas are right here! At this time the tour to the Maldives will cost more. But in the spring, after the holidays, the combination of price and weather becomes the most favorable for a long holiday.


One of the main attractions in the Maldives is diving. Everyone dives here! Special attention is paid to the divers waters of the Hithadu, where you can see such inhabitants of the ocean as huge whale sharks, manta rays and whales. Separately, it is worth mentioning about the atoll Baa – another place of pilgrimage for diving enthusiasts. It’s all about the dolphins, who shoal in the coastal waters. This corner of Maldives boasts beautiful coral reefs and local shops sell the best souvenirs.


Ari Atoll is one of the largest in the Maldives. It includes about 70 islands, of which almost one-third is turned into resorts. Those who appreciate the comfort and attention of staff are sure to like it here. Tourists are entertained by all kinds of water sports – from windsurfing to parasailing. Another reason to look at the islands of the atoll is delicious watermelons, which are grown only here.


Having bought watermelons in reserve, go to the island of Nalaguraydu. The most snow-white sandy beaches are here. Coral sand looks like pure snow in sunny weather and it’s not an exaggeration. And in the coastal waters, hundreds of species of fish live.


Another picturesque corner of the Maldives is the island of Maradu. There is a lot of  tropical greenery here – exotic shrubs, banana trees, coconut palms. The remnants of naval bases of Britain on this background look like aliens. Local people turned them into repair stations for their boats – most of them are fishing here. Excellent fish dishes of Maldivian cuisine – another good reason to look at Maradu.


Maldives are popular with surfers. From around the world, they fly to the island of Kanduma – just 30 minutes from the hotel you can catch stunning waves.


Renting a yacht in the Maldives will allow to go on a honeymoon right after the wedding. In this case, the starting point will be the island of Velassaru – it is here that the most romantic wedding ceremonies are held in the world. Imagine yourself at the water’s edge, in the rays of the sunset, with your beloved at the altar of exotic flowers. The words of the vow drown in the rhythmic sounds of the drummers Bodu Beru, the master of the ceremony blesses your marriage, and you plant a palm tree that will henceforth grow into a sign of your union.


Rest in the Maldives is an ideal alternative to gray winter weekdays and colorless spring days. It is always warm here, guests are always welcome here. And if there is an irresistible desire to return here again – do not resist!

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