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Yacht charter in Sardinia – beaches to the horizon and treasure hunt

The whims of nature bypass the island of Sardinia – here people do not know the floods, tsunamis and other oceanic troubles. In total with a mild Mediterranean climate, the life of one and a half million islanders is a continuous holiday and resort.

This island state has probably got the largest ratio of the number of beaches per capita. They cover more than 250 – 1800 km only to pamper in the sun!

Sardinia has a colorful mountainous terrain. For this reason, in some parts of the island, for those travelling by land, the path is closed. What can not be said about the lucky ones who choose the option to sail along the Azure Shores of Sardinia on a rented yacht. You will get the opportunity to reach the hidden from strangers` eyes beaches, to see the amazing beauty of the underwater world. Allow yourself to feel absolutely free!

Sea walks on a yacht give you an exhaustive choice. You are a captain and a passenger, a guide and an attendant to the secrets of the Mediterranean. You are free to have fun with your friends until morning and no one will interfere with your holiday. You can luxuriate in bed, until the heat subsides, plunge after a dream in the cool sea, slowly breakfast with seagifts and go after the winds where your heart desires. And if the soul wants to visit the coast of Costa Smeralda, do not refuse it – this is an incredibly beautiful corner of Sardinia, that conquered the hearts of Arab princes, Hollywood stars and celebrities.

White sands of beaches, emerald water, exquisite architecture, picturesque rocks will forever enchant you. Cozy coves under the canopy of rocks, mountain ranges diving into the sea, grottoes and caves carved by the tides for hundreds of thousands of years – the charter of the yacht in Sardinia opens the island with the most unexpected camera angles. We need to pay tribute to the Sardinians – they have made a lot of efforts to preserve the virgin beauty of nature.

The islanders did not refuse from the benefits of civilization. The center of secular life, comfort, luxury service of the coast of Costa Smeralda – Porto Cervo. Here, it`s a common practice to meet stars while having breakfast in an ordinary cafe, and to meet the sheikh on the morning jog. Even more celebrities can be tracked at the PhiBeach parties, where until morning the music does not cease.

Not only clubs are world famous in Sardinia but also reserves. Molentarjus is the only place on the whole land where the “red people” dwell. This is how the locals dubbed flamingos – beautiful birds, which you can admire of endlessly. A huge plus of the reserve is its openness for tourists. You can use hiking trails, bike paths and even water routes for free.

The charter of a yacht in Sardinia is the opportunity to enjoy the beauties under the water. Bright underwater inhabitants, cosmic landscapes and absolute silence – impressions of diving are comparable only with a flight into space. You do not have to worry about the equipment – we offer everything necessary for diving for an extra charge. By the way, in the southeast, in the vicinity of the resort town of Villasimius, at the bottom of calm and transparent sea, the ship wrecks  sunk in the Middle Ages are buried. There is a group of small isles near Sardinia La Maddalena, which is the best place for diving.

Why settle for small? Go to search for treasures and artifacts, dive wherever you like. The underwater world of the Mediterranean is full of life, the variegated flora and fauna pleases the eye with bright colors. And somewhere in the reefs are hidden wrecks that have for hundreds of years been waiting for their discoverers.